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The best equipment

A motorcycle is largely the sum of it's parts. For that reason we always source high quality components and use the best materials possible to guarantee that our bikes have the best performance and the highest reliability possible. Whenever we're not able to restore or produce any piece that we need we buy a good quality one. We don't like to use cheap, plastic or bad quality parts. Our bikes deserve better.

Leather seats


Detail and simplicity

All of our motorcycles are carefully designed and meticulously crafted. We commit to every stage of the process and never disregard a detail. Visual simplicity is achieved through hard work and craftsmanship.


Hey, it's not that we don't like stock bikes but we value individuality, originality, and the charm that comes with character. Well, yes, maybe we just don't like stock bikes.

A team of specialists

Because no one can be an expert in everything we have a team of nice people working with us that bring all their knowledge, experience and expertise to our work bench. That way we ensure that every aspect of the bike is properly done and the work reaches the highest standards of execution. Since most of the time we're not dealing with contemporary linear clean machines, a strong ability to solve the widest range of unexpected problems is essential. Every bike is an adventure and a challenge but we are meticulous and demanding, our team is committed and we always find a way to accomplish the best results for our projects.

All of our seats are handcrafted, one at a time with the best leather to fit the specific bike. All seats are one of a kind.

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