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Maria surfboards are made in Portugal using traditional processes and techniques by the hands of skillful shapers and experienced craftsmen from the world of surfing. These people share a passion for handmade work and the sense of value of uniqueness. They are people that possess a deep understanding of the essence of surfing and the joy of riding.

Each surfboard model is developed alongside the shaper, aiming to combine originality and a certain type of performance. Whether the board is designed to have an old-school style or a design to accommodate a more progressive kind of surfing Maria's boards are the product of knowledge and precision, finished to the highest standards possible with manmade execution.


Maria skateboards are assembled with top level components from renowned brands to match their custom hand-made wood decks. Trucks, wheels and bearings are carefully chosen not only to compose the classic look but to ensure that performance is not surpassed by style. Each board is hand shaped and hand painted in solid wood from different origins, depending on the model.



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