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W&W 2017



We came to Wheels & Waves as Yamaha's guests. We took "The Orbiter" with us to make its first appearance next to the 8 bikes made by the other builders chosen for this year's Yard Built. 

We made the trip alongside a REV crew that went to cover the featuring of our bike in the event. The weather was beautiful, as opposed to our last time in Biarritz, and everything went great. We rode around and had a lot of fun with the crew. The exhibition was a success, the guys at Yamaha loved our bike and it was great for us to watch the other builds as well as meet their makers.


Just as we arrived Yamaha asked us to take the bike for a ride at the beach for a photo shoot and we gladly tested the bike out on real, salty sand. The bike behaved well and we just felt we would have to tweak the steering later on. Everything else was fine and we had a good time at the Biarritz beach.


The next day was racing day, we would take our bike to the already mythical Punk's Peak Race. 

We rode to Jaikzibel in Pays Basque, while getting used to the bike, and checked in for the race. We had lunch, watched the show and waited for our turn. When it arrived, we got set and raced. The bike ran fast but a technical problem with our helmet made us lose some crucial initial seconds thus making us lose the race. Fortunately we're working on a new racing version of our XG100 helmet with Nexx, with a new visor system, for 2018, so, next year we'll nail that race!

It was fun though and it was a blast to watch Katja Poensgen speeding to victory with her Indian.

The rest of the time there was pretty mellow, enjoying the sun and the town until finally we went home with our bike fully tested.


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