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Our Portfolio

At Maria's workshop, every project is an excuse to exercise our creative impetus and to put our views in motorcycle aesthetics into practice. It's not that we don´t like bikes as they originally are, as sometimes people throw at us. It's just that we find that to bring uniqueness and difference to these pieces of machinery makes them much more interesting. And that's what interest us.

It's by giving them character that we make them special. And by making them special, we make them fun.

These motorcycles are built in our workshop with painstaking craftsmanship, attention to detail and technical expertise. 

We get lifted just for playing with screws and wrenches, but what really makes us stoked is to know that we have the power to turn a sketch in a notebook into a real ride.

More information regarding bike orders or any special info, please send a mail to:

Note: None of this bikes are for sale. All of this machines are one of a kind and they were custom built for our clients.


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