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Julijana is a 2004 Bonneville. This custom built by Maria was a project for a client, that was very inspired on our other built called “Juliette”. Our client wanted a dirt version of this Bonnie, but very well dressed with all the best parts and with a extreme look.

Although the Juliette inspiration, we propose very different approaches, since we don ́t do two bikes equal. Our major objective was to built a extreme bonnie, with great equipment and with a out of the box approach for a bonnie. Something more inspired in the races, or the enduro and motocross bikes. It was a mixed feeling because, for one side we had loose a little from the classic looks but by the other side we did something very different from the usual. The bike was from 2004, but it was a “like new bike”. Mechanically it was very nice, apart from the normal oxidation and some rusty parts. we unmount almost everything in this bike. First we recovered all elements that needed our attention, we shortened the rear, like we did in almost every bike, and next we installed a really nice top of range equipment. On the front, we install a new brake set, with Braking front disc and new brake caliper from Pretech with 6 pistons. The front suspension had an upgrade from Ohlins. New handlebar, handlebar supports, brake and clutch levers from Magura, and all switches incorporated on the handlebar for a more simple look. To finished the front look we install a beautifull Motogadget to give all the info needed to the driver. The front light is a Harley sportster headlight, painted to match the color scheme with a protector grid. About the exhaust, our option was to have a small one. We choose a Zard, different from the upper exhausts usually used on Scramblers.



Standard Engine, Customized paint, Standard Carbs, Customized frame by Maria, Original rims with Firestone Deluxe Tires, Original suspensions: both original but revised, Original tank, Headlights customized by Maria, Customized battery box by Maria, Customized Seat, Original brake system, Electric system customized by Maria.

More information regarding bike orders or any special info, please send a mail to:


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