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Kawasaki W650


Hurricane Jane is a '02 Kawasaki W650. For this custom build, Maria drew inspiration from the 60´s classic cars, a golden era when cars were simple and beautiful; silver paintings, brown interiors leathers, shining chrome, .... Based on that and of course in our design approach, we search for that simple and classy look. All painting was made using subtle colours - silver, grey, white and black. A leather brown seat that pairs with the granturismo handlebar grips and the golden chain was chosen. An Ace Clubman handlebar turned out to be the perfect match to the vintage café racer style.
The headlight was replaced with a smaller one, integrated with a front number plate (here without number). On the rear we choose a tail lamp used on 1915-33 HD models.

Fearing to become a cliche by using Firestone Deluxe tires, we tried several options but we finally gave in, these are perfect for this kind of bike, what´s right is right. To overpower it´s stock overall presence we shopped both front and rear fenders, this makes them really visible now. The tires are mounted on alloy rims with new spokes and painted hubs. To have a past and patina is to have a personality, this bike is intended to have some history behind it so we did not want to give it a brand new shiny look. Some parts where intentionally left as they were in order to preserve the personality that we didn´t want to erase. A mixture of shiny and raw is something that we find conceptually cool, like the 60´s cars. Hurricane Jane comes alive when you crank it up. The two cylinders 650cc engine is surprisingly powerful, helped by the carb tuning it´s now able to toss it up with some British 900cc. Noisy as they can get, the vintage mufflers give us a feeling of riding a real beast.The Daytona speedometer is fitted behind the number plate so you can always know how much faster above the legal limit you're going!!



Standard Engine, Customized paint, Standard Carbs, Customized frame by Maria, Original rims with Firestone Deluxe Tires, Original suspensions: both original but revised, Original tank, Headlights customized by Maria, Customized battery box by Maria, Customized Seat, Original brake system, Electric system customized by Maria.

More information regarding bike orders or any special info, please send a mail to:


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