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Ducati GT1000


We built this bike for a costumer. Our client had bought the GT1000 in Italy, used, but barely new. Then he came to us with an idea to transform this bike in a race bike, since he used to race on track-days. We bought the fairing and tail from a USA website, and then we made some little changes to fit the bike. We had a lucky shot to buy several Paul Smart parts from a friend, like the tank and the fairing support. The seat was design by us, as everything else. We changed the handlebar by LSL clip-ons. 


Our client didn´t want to have front light, turn lights or mirrors, but to minimize problems with authorities we install a small fog light in the fairing. It´s a  choice that didn´t compromise the look of the bike, and even gave it a more aggressive look. The footrests are the original but with several changes, to became smaller and prettier.


Regarding performance we only did two things. We had installed a complete 2/1 system from Termignoni and the original ECU was tunned by Gianesin from GMP, champion on 2014 of Supertwins trophy. We didn´t do anything else to the engine, or admission and the bike runs like a hell.
We can tell for sure, that this is the most powerful bike we ever built.



New custom made leather seat; Shortened back frame; New tires from Metzeler Tourance; New handlebar by LSL; New small headlight; New aluminum front and back mudguard; New backlight from posch; New sprocket cover; New aluminum Renthal sprocket and chain; New Exhaust system from Zard; Ignition relocation by LSL; New turn lights and hand made aluminum supports; New speedo and aluminum support plate; New aluminum skid plate; New grips from Posh; Custom side plates; New small mirrors; Paintjob: Original tank, rims, hubs, valve cover, carbs cover, mudguards, engine covers.

More information regarding bike orders or any special info, please send a mail to:


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