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Honda CG125


Our client, owner of a pizza chain restaurant, started working on a early age, delivering pizzas with this specific bike. Now he is a sucessful business man but he kept this bike, really damaged and malfunctioning to rebuilt it one day.


He came to us with the challenge of building this 125cc. Despite sometimes being a bad investment working on low cc´s we accepted the challenge. We had all freedom to make what we thought was cool, and the objective was to rebuild the damaged parts and put it all brand new, and, of course, to get rid of all elements that featured in the original CG125. We decided to totally change the design of the bike, and our path was to create a simple, elegant and beautiful looking "old" bike but with a contemporary approach.


The engine was totally rebuilt like new, and we decided to polish all the covers, for that vintage look. The frame was modified and reinforced, since it was completely damaged. For the tank it was little bit ironic because we used an old Yamaha SR125 tank. The wheels are original but restored and with new Firestone tires. All original screws were galvanized and many changed to stainless steel ones. The exhaust system was hand made in stainless steel. The electrics were simplified to a maximum and battery and original wiring went to the trash. It starts only by kick now, since it has no switches.



New custom made leather seat; Shortened back frame; New tires from Metzeler Tourance; New handlebar by LSL; New small headlight; New aluminum front and back mudguard; New backlight from posch; New sprocket cover; New aluminum Renthal sprocket and chain; New Exhaust system from Zard; Ignition relocation by LSL; New turn lights and hand made aluminum supports; New speedo and aluminum support plate; New aluminum skid plate; New grips from Posh; Custom side plates; New small mirrors; Paintjob: Original tank, rims, hubs, valve cover, carbs cover, mudguards, engine covers.

More information regarding bike orders or any special info, please send a mail to:


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