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The idea was to provide this brand spanking new Triumph Thruxton with a radical and extreme overall visual. This bike was chosen for this project instead of the traditional Boneville mainly because of its engine specifications and brake horsepower.

New all terrain tires were the starting point for the look we were looking for. All the original controls, mirrors and instruments were taken out as it was mandatory simplify this part of the bike, to give it a simpler and lower front. The handlebar was replaced with a wider, white painted 81cm unit, that along with the small custom speedo and headlight completed the front.
The rear of the bike´s frame was cut to give it a short and massive look, provided with a new smaller black mudguard and backlight the rear was finished.

We got rid of as much of the chrome as we could, all turned black. The exhaust headers were wrapped and the new Predator mufflers covered with layers of thermo resistant black matte paint. This dark side contrasts with the fuel tank, inspired by old school nascar racecars.From the beginning we were set on painting numbers in the side plates, but we found we like them better with the natural metal texture we got from cutting them from plain stainless steel, so that was well left alone.The seat was custom made from scratch to give it a slim look, smaller than the original. The beige leather color is important too, in order to give it a dirty and old school desert appearance.Apart from an injection tune up to make up from all filters and exhaust recovery modules being taken off, the engine remains original, free to be used and abused on the dusty country roads we always pictured this bike being taken on. 



Standard Engine, Customized paint, Standard Carbs, Customized frame by Maria, Original rims with Firestone Deluxe Tires, Original suspensions: both original but revised, Original tank, Headlights customized by Maria, Customized battery box by Maria, Customized Seat, Original brake system, Electric system customized by Maria.

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