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Yamaha XT600


This project, like most, was ordered by a client.
Usually, this is the kind of project that we would say no. Because there´s a reason why people doesn't use this bike for custom projects. This are one of the most common bikes here in Portugal, but definitely a very difficult base to work on. Besides the asymmetrical frame and the oil reservoir inside it, there were several barriers not easy to solve here.

We made a ton of transformations in this one. 18 inch rim on the front wheel instead of the original 21”. New tank from an old Honda CB360, not easy to fit there! The engine was rebuilded and painted like new.
The sub frame was completely made new, since we remove the original muffler that is part of the right side structure. Batteries are lithium ones installed under the seat on a special handmade aluminium case. New headlight, new handlebar, new speedo... Of course the seat it´s home made by ourselves. The new muffler from Spark was installed on the same original side but the exhaust had to be changed from it´s original position with new custom parts. Heidenau Tyres finished the look.

We always try to came with different design approaches on most projects, and this one was no exception. The concept of this bike was born from the old low c.c. city bikes, but mixed with the an all terrain bike. 
Most of the people see it as a dirt and aggressive bike, but the lollipop color of the tank, pushes us to the round and lovely curves of bikes like Vespas.
That´s the reason for the Dirty Geisha name. A mixed between a beautiful and elegant girl with rough all terrain truck!



Standard Engine, Customized paint, Standard Carbs, Customized frame by Maria, Original rims with Firestone Deluxe Tires, Original suspensions: both original but revised, Original tank, Headlights customized by Maria, Customized battery box by Maria, Customized Seat, Original brake system, Electric system customized by Maria.

More information regarding bike orders or any special info, please send a mail to:


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