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Our client wanted a Bonnie, and yes we had lost count on how many we already built so far! But despite that, we always want to experiment new ideas and concepts. This bike was bought used specially for this project. This is a normal Triumph Bonneville T100 from 2005. Our client wanted us to create a very special kind of approach to something military and scrambler kind, but different from all bikes, that normally use military mate greens or other well seen designs. As usual we took this challenge to make something different and we get inspired on the 2nd world war themes. Our major inspiration was on the war planes, and specially the spitfire used on the D day by the allies. We made several design approaches to it, and our client had chosen one with a different little twist from the original colors of the spitfire. A little more gray, and modern and integrated with a more urban concept. 



New custom made seat / Shortened back frame / New tires from Continental TKC80 / New handlebar by LSL / New small headlight / New aluminum back mudguard / New backlight / New sprocket cover from LSL / New aluminum Renthal sprocket / New Exhaust system from Arrow / Ignition relocation by LSL / New turnlights and hand made aluminum supports / New speedo and aluminum support plate / New aluminum skid plate / New grips from Posh / New aluminum side plates custom made / Paintjob: Original tank, rims, hubs, valve cover, carbs cover, mudguard, engine covers

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