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The Donor Bike

OPTION 1: You have a donor motorcycle to use on the project.

OPTION 2: You don´t have any motorcycle and you want us to solve this problem.


That´s not a problem. We can get new or used bikes for our projects.

Even if they are rare bikes, we usually can get almost everything, being in the portuguese market or in foreign countrys.


Note: We don´t use all kinds of bikes for our projects. We use a specific kind of old style bikes, such as Honda´s, Yamaha´s, Kawasaki´s and Suzuki´s from the 70´s and 80´s. Triumphs, Nortons, Harley Sportster, BMW´s R models, Ducati´s are used too. 

We work with this kind of bikes models, because we believe that are more compatible with our aesthetics and our design approach.

Please check with us if your bike is compatible to our projects.

The Budget

The first step in our projects.


Usually people ask us for prices without giving us much information.

If you are interested in having a unique bike built by Maria, it´s very important to specify all details regarding it, so we can have a real idea what we are talking about. 


Details like:

What donor bike will be used? (it´s important to see photos, or preferably see it live)

What is your idea for the project? (concept, ideas, photos, details)

What kind of new parts do you want to install on the bike?


Based on that information, we can develop a overall budget that will be closed to a new one. Of course the final budget will take form after some small meetings or phone calls to take all doubts, regarding all details.


Note: We don´t do bikes under 125cc. As an idea a 125cc bike could cost from 3000 to

5000 euros. Bonnevilles can go from 5000 to 15.000/18.000 euros. (prices without bikes included)

The Process

1 - Our client proposes a donor bike and share his ideas.

2 - Based on that info we clarify all items to build a budget as closed as possible to

a final version.

3 - The budget is approved.

4 - We receive 70% of the total amount of the budget from our client.

5 - We do the design of the bikes. Usually severall ideas.

6 - The design is approved.

7 - We start the build.

8 - During the process, we share photos of the process and we clarify any doubts that

may exist.

9 - The bike is ready.

10 - Final payment is made.

11 - We photo-shoot the bike and this contents are shared on international blogs and 

specific websites, and magazines.

12 - We deliver the bike worldwide to our clients.

The Design

Our starting point are clients concepts and ideas.

Most of the times we receive total freedom from our clients to show our creativity.


In all projects, we develop several graphic approaches to the bike final look.

All the designs are bi-dimensional designs with the major objective to specify colors and shapes of the bike. All our concepts are not ultrarealistic designs.



As a team of professional designers we seek for the best solutions for each project.

We reserve ourselves the final word to decline any ideas we believe may not work.

But don´t worry, we work always to achieve a project that gratify both sides.

Please trust us!

The Payment

All foreign costumers, pays in advance 70% of total budget to guarantee our investment.


The payment is made to our company named Workshop of Wonders, Lda.

We only accept wire transfers to our portuguese bank account. (BPI)

We always do invoices with 23% IVA taxes included, regarding any payment received.


NOTE: European company´s with valid VAT number are free of taxes on final price.

The Timelines

The Timeline of a project may vary regarding several issues.


1 - Do we have to get a donor bike for this project?

2 - How the donor bike is? Would the restoration process will be light or hardcore?

3 - The complexity of the modification.

4 - If the project depends on many handmade and unique parts.

5 - Are this project based on a bike we had already done? Or it´s something compeletely new?


Apart from all this issues, the timelines depend on our pipeline of projects.

Usually our projects can go from 2 months until 1 year or more.



We work on our daily basis to have the higher quality possible on all our motorcycles.

We are very meticulous in every aspect because it´s all about details.

If you are the kind of person who doesn´t like to wait patiently to have a special and unique bike, we recommend to think twice on embarrassing journey like this.

The Delivery

Portuguese customers.

We deliver our custumer bikes any place in Portugal for free.


Foreign customers:

We deliver our bikes worldwide.

For international bike shipping all prices are under inquiry.


Shipping time delivery:

National delivery´s 1 to 3 days.

European delivery´s 1 to 2 weeks.

Intercontinental delivery: Usually can take from 6 to 8 weeks.

On intercontinental shipping a special cage is needed to protect the bike during transportation on large containers.


About the bike cage:

The cage building are made by our team and have a cost of 600 euros.

All our special cage´s are made of resistent wood bars with steel suports to guarantee the safe transportantion on a ship to any continent.

The Guarantees

All of our modifications have a 1 year guarantee.

That includes all modifications made on each project, as all the new parts installed on the bike.



We don´t give any guarantee on donor bikes we bought.

All bikes bought for projects are shared with our clients before the deal is sealed.

We try to put our experience on maximum effort to secure the best deals possible.

We allways buy good shape bikes, with low millage as possible and with all items checked. However, any engine problems or others related with the bike itself are not our responsability.


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